Your Name Has What Resembles Haiku

A Poem By : Kamal Abdulhamid 


Curse! How did your name not die?
Did I not lure it to dance
In front of Rimbaud’s Hell ?


You come to my death
I call you by your name
From one dust to another


We have nothing to hide
Our secret is an illusion
Because God is in your name
Before us


Would that you came back
You would not need in the house
Water or sugar
I would let your name breathe


When you cry
I leave you to drown
I only ask God
To save your name


When you go to sleep
Cover your name well
Wild honey
Innocently fascinates flies


My father passed away
I stood on his grave
Two fruits have fallen
From your name into the shadow


I made a will to my brother:
Make the roads easy
To my grave
There, I prepare for your name
The road of tears


Who loves me more,
You or your name?
The rabbit did not notice my confusion
He went, white as he was,
To my mother’s lap

At least
The curtain birds are left
Without water
This is what I must do
To sum up the crimes of your name

Your stubbornness runs to kill
A soldier that fears love
Then bemoans with excessive humanity
But your name
Is outside the war


It is not too much, in my last breath,
To expect your name to hold my hand
And to mercifully close my eyes
On abandoned gardens


Friday … No minaret brings you
Saturday … Temples with no bells
Sunday … No prayer there for a lover
In which blessed day
Does your name soften?


Your name knocks on my window every morning
It leaves neither an address nor a message
Do not beat it on its fingers
And threaten it with humidity and sun


I was born before your name
I grew up listening to the sound of the train
To travel and love you


Whenever I cry
Your name cries
Whenever you close the door
Your name apologizes
Whenever the wheat straws hurt me
Your name takes me
To the bread of Gods


I remember the ten flowers of your feet
The prominent elbow rose
The bare neck branch in the summer
There is no blessing in your name
That I did not desire after you


Whenever your name cries
I pass its small hand
Over the top of the waves


Where did you get your name?
From the mouth of this rose,
Or from the honey of the bee above it?


Had your name been here
He would never have forgiven her
My sister slaughtered three hens
The feathers fluttered
And covered the face of a sleeping cat


The dust ate half a building
The car killed its driver
The sea is too far for me to see
A lot of crimes
And your name is innocent


Would that the mourners be quiet for a moment
I want you to hear
How I say your name
Before God


How can I love your name like this
And enter Hell?
I asked God, and he said:
The likes of you do not cross Paradise


Nothing but your name
Wakes me up with a child’s jump
To drink coffee
With Mozart


Wait for a while
I will raise your name up high
So that pigeons know their way
To the house


Your name stopped me at the borders of “Al-Bendaar”
Three dogs woke up
I held its hand and walked


Your name stopped me at the end of “Al-Bendaar”
We looked behind
Nothing remained of my mother
But a willow tree


Your name went out the door
Followed by a chicken and two cats
The dog watched the parade
Appropriating the shadows


I put the phone
On Nietzsche’s  Bible
The cover fell asleep
And your name woke up


The billiard ball
Survived six holes
The woman at the end of the bar
Is too sad to resemble your name


The candle is in a glass cup
The cup is on a glass table
The body of the café is made of glass
But your name
Is a faraway grass


“Do not be for anyone but my heart”
Your name said it twice
In front of a broken radar


Pay attention, sunset has begun
Go out, the moon is slowly becoming full
Push your name up a little
The sky has room for two moons


Fields sprout downwards
It is a shame that gravity should leave the universe
To adjust the rhythm of your name

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